Homebuyer Financing 101: Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

You’ve decided that you’re definitely going to become a new homeowner. You’re glued to the television each week that HGTV’s House Hunters airs. You’re busily thumbing through copies of something like the Showcase of Homes put out by your local realtor’s association and combing the “Homes For Sale” section of the local paper. Maybe you’re [...]

To Buy Or Not To Buy

As a recent college graduate transitioning into the homeowner or rental marketplace, you can find yourself wondering if you should buy or rent. There are a lot of variables that come into play when making this decision, and you should consider all factors. Flexibility There is more flexibility in renting versus buying, especially if there [...]

Following Up On Job Referrals

Have you ever submitted your resume to a company online and felt like you were simply casting it into a black hole?  Do you ever wonder if anyone is actually reading your application? There must be a better way to snag a job, right? Well, the truth is that online applications are becoming more the [...]

3 Workplace Email Mistakes to Avoid

Email is a BIG DEAL in the modern workplace. Email can drive productivity, enable collaboration, and quickly disseminate important information throughout the organization. Unfortunately, email can also be a huge time-drain. In a previous post , I even share tips on how to save time when dealing with email. While it is important to save [...]

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