Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

You’ve found it. It’s right there, the perfect house. The neighborhood is up-and-coming, just like you. The school system is the best one in the area, the house is close to work, and you have fallen in love—hook, line, and sinker. You reach for your phone to dial the number for the agent listed on the sign in the front yard…
Hold up just a moment. Understand that a real estate agent can be your greatest asset inmore

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To Buy Or Not To Buy

As a recent college graduate transitioning into the homeowner or rental marketplace, you can find yourself wondering if you should buy or rent. There are a lot of variables that come into play when making this decision, and you should consider all factors.



There is more flexibility in renting versus buying, especially if there is the chance that rapid promotion in your career or place of employment is a factor. Those promotion opportunities may mean transferring from a place of residence to another city, and beingmore


Good Intentions and the Lies We Tell Ourselves

We’ve all heard the oft-quoted proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”. All to often, the message of that saying rings true. Now, although I do not believe I’m on a road toward “hell”, as I look back over the life since leaving college, I can see a number of good intentions that were left unfulfilled. This post is not meant to discourage anyone – quite the opposite actually. It is meant as a wake up call, advisory, and warning to anyone who may be floating through life below theirmore


Making Your First Investment With Under $1,000

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an “Investor”? Have you ever thought about dipping a toe into the stock market?

As a New Grad, you have no doubt heard older employees discuss stocks, retirement funds, and other types of financial investments. These discussions can leave new employees feeling either intimidated by the financial world, curious about what it’s like to be “in the game”, or both.

Did you know you start investing with as little as $250? Well, in this article I’m goingmore

Following Up On Job Referrals

Have you ever submitted your resume to a company online and felt like you were simply casting it into a black hole?  Do you ever wonder if anyone is actually reading your application? There must be a better way to snag a job, right?

Well, the truth is that online applications are becoming more the norm these days. HR recruiting and travel budgets are decreasing. And forward-thinking companies and organizations are still interested in attracting talent from all corners of the globe. Online careermore


3 Workplace Email Mistakes to Avoid

Email is a BIG DEAL in the modern workplace. Email can drive productivity, enable collaboration, and quickly disseminate important information throughout the organization. Unfortunately, email can also be a huge time-drain. In a previous post , I even share tips on how to save time when dealing with email. While it is important to save time on your own email, it is also important to make sure that we aren’t wasting other peoples’ time either due to poor Email habits. The tips I will share below are allmore

How To Be More Confident At Work

As a “new guy” or “new gal” on the job, it can be difficult to feel confident about hardly anything. We are trying to learn our job, figure out who’s who, and keep from messing anything up beyond repair. It is very normal to feel that way, and below I have jotted down 5 quick tips that I believe have helped me become more confident on the job over the last couple of years. Maybe you can benefit from these as well:valueemployee

  1. Dress yourself well. This does not have to involve wearing the most expensive clothes you can find. But take a moment to ensure that you present a professional appearance to those you will come in contact with. When you look nice and know it, you will be more confident.
  2. Make eye contact. This was my problem when I first started my job. When you speak to someone, even if you are slightly intimidated, do not let that show. Maintain steady eye contact and
  3. Speak out. Whether you’re in a staff meeting, having an informal off-line conversation, or you’re CC’d on an important email communication, speak up when you have something meaningful to contribute. If you have a question, ask it. Do not assume everyone else is automatically more informed than you. Truth is, you’ll probably find that many more “seasoned” colleagues have the same questions as you.
  4. Be organized. Be prepared. At the end of each day, I review all the actions I took and all the actions I need to take the next day. I make a quick list of what’s going on so that if my boss asks about a current project, I have a quick reference handy. Before meetings, I put myself in the mindset of the facilitator. What questions might he ask? What details will she want to know? Then I go gather all the necessary information ahead of time. When you’re prepared, you will feel more confident and in control.
  5. Finally – If the company has been around a while, it’s highly unlikely that YOU will make a mistake large enough to bring things to a grinding hault. Remember, it’s all fixable. Just give it your best shot, then ask for help as needed.

See if any of these tips will work for you. Change will notmore

Where’s My Money Going? A Few Budgeting Tips That Work For Me

Budgeting is often thought of as a monthly endeavor. This makes sense because most important fixed expenses are billed on a monthly basis (rent, car payment, cable, etc). I have found that, for me, it makes sense to create weekly budgets instead, and below I’ll share why I do this. Maybe you can incorporate this practice into your own personal finance strategy if it makes sense to you.

My First BudgetMoneyMoney

When I first started my job, I created my monthly budget.

-I wrotemore

What’s a Credit Score


By now, most of us have dealt with credit in one form or another. You may have a credit card, you may have student loans, or you may have had to allow an apartment complex to check your credit score as a condition of being able to rent from them.

But what exactly is a credit score and why is it important?

I’m glad you asked! In this quick article you will get an overview of credit scores and how they can help (or hinder) your financial progress in the future.

What Ismore

Calling a Meeting? Follow These Tips to Make it Great

Meetings are a fact of life in most corporate workplaces. You’ve got staff meetings, one-on-one’s with the boss, project planning sessions, quarterly reviews, annual updates, and much more. While at the beginning of your career, you will spend most of your time in meetings as an observer-attendee, you may find yourself actually organizing your own meeting here and there as well.Employees Listening to Presentation

When done right, meetings can be incredibly productive – offering an opportunity for team members to share, plan andmore