Ask Questions to Your Interviewer

Towards the end of your job interview, most likely the interviewer will give you a chance to ask a couple questions. Too often, candidates begin to stumble and stutter at this point because they did not prepare any questions for the interviewer. This is not the last impression you want to leave on an interviewer. Below are a few general questions you can ask at the end of any job interview:

1)How would you define success for this role? This question can be used for any position you are applying to. You are essentially trying to get an understanding of how your performance will be measured if you were to land the job.

2)Are there any challenges that the selected candidate can help fix immediately? Shows that you are ready to hit the ground running and solve problems. This may give you an idea of something you can do to add value while you are still learning the ropes of the new position.

3)Is this position a new role, or was it previously filled by another employee? This will help you get an idea of whether your prospective team is experiencing growth or whether they are having problems with retention. Alternatively, maybe the previous incumbent got promoted. That can be a good sign.

4)What does the growth trajectory look like for this position? You will want to know that there are growth opportunities in your new position and what it would take to take advantage of those opportunities.

Ask Questions to Your Interviewer
Ask Questions to Your Interviewer

5)What is your favorite part about this company and your role? Interviewers are usually pretty open about what they love about their job.

6)Tell me about the team I will work with. What are their biggest strengths/weaknesses? This will give you an idea of ways you can learn from the team and ways you can contribute.

7)Do team members usually eat lunch together? Are there any after hours socials or networking events?

8)Is there anything from my resume or our conversation today that you still have questions on?

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