5 Ways to Keep Your Resume Current

If you were presented with an exciting job opportunity today, would you be able to submit your resume immediately to the recruiter? If not, you need to follow the tips in this article to keep your resume current. Remember, even if you are happy in your career, you may still have need of an updated resume. Your company could ask for a resume as they consider you for a promotion. Many professional organizations ask to review your resume as a requirement for membership. And you never know when you might bump into someone recruiting for your “dream job”. In each of these decisions, you need to be able to submit an accurate, current resume fast! Here are some tips on keeping your resume ready at all times:


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Top Resume Mistakes To Avoid For Job Changers

It’s a new year! Many of you may be considering new career options as a goal for 2017.

If you are applying to a new job, you need to make sure your resume presents the best image of you in the mind of a hiring manager or HR professional. Below are a few mistakes to avoid as you get your resume ready for your next round of job applications:

1. Using company or industry jargon without a definition

This is particularly an issue with professionals in specialized fields like engineering, science, finance, architecture. 


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5 Reasons Betterment is the best place to begin investing

I’ve written before on and given an overview of how it works. This automated investing platform is truly the best way to get your investing off the ground. And in this article I’ll tell you exactly why that’s true:

1. You do not have to research individual stocks and bonds.

If you were to decide to invest in your own, you would need to pick your own single stocks and bonds to invest in. There are literally HUNDREDS to choose from, and each one has it’s own trends, earnings figures, and day-to-day changes.


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