Betterment: The Smart, Easy, Low-Risk Way to Begin Investing

Today, we are going to talk about a tool that makes investing painless, profitable, and fun. It’s called I started investing with Betterment in January. I’m now 30 days in and ready to report some reasons why I think every single New Grad needs to have an account.

What is Betterment?

Betterment is an automated investing platform that allows you, the investor, to invest in a preselected assortment of stocks and bonds.

You simply tell Betterment what percentage of your money to put in stocks and what percentage to put in bonds. Betterment then automatically places your money into stocks and bonds as you directed.


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4 Moves To Reduce Credit Card Payments

As a credit card user, there may come a time when you have trouble making your monthly payments. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, read below for some tips on how you might lower your monthly debt payments:

Ask For A Lower Interest Rate
It may be hard to believe that a simple phone call could lower your interest rates by 5-10%, but once you’re no longer in college and you have a steady, full-time income, you may qualify for a lower interest rate.

Sometimes this lower rate is automatically applied to your account, but this is not always the case.


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2015 Financial Jumpstart: 5 Small Tips To Help You Do Better Financially Than You Did Last Year

Financial success is something that takes time and consistency to obtain. As a New Grad, you may be saddled with school debt, struggling to find a job, or trying to figure out how to control your new budget. If you are still learning the ropes of this “financial thing”, that’s okay. Do not pressure yourself to get it all together overnight, simply focus on doing better this year than you did last year. In this post we’ll talk about some ways you can make small financial improvements that will take you a few steps closer to your financial goals this year.moneymoney


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