It is really important for New Grads and young professionals to make a point to celebrate their success. Did you recently get a job offer? Get accepted to Grad School? Complete a community service project? Were you promoted or given a raise on the job? Don’t let these events pass by unheralded.  When we celebrate our successes, we are likely to continue being successful. Your morale imp…roves, your self-image strengthens, and you become more optimistic about the future.
College provided ample opportunity for personal recognition (grades, banquets, awards, events, etc), but after leaving college, you may have to take the initiative to tell others about your achievements and organize group celebrations. When something good happens in your life, make sure you share it and allow others to pat you on the back.
You work hard, but you’re not a machine. We all need a little validation every once in a while.  Never be too busy to celebrate your own accomplishments. Also, take the time to help others around you celebrate as well. You will definitely feel better and you will make memories. You may one day forget the specific actions that caused the celebration, but you will always remember those who came and celebrated with you. And that is what really matters.


photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc

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Jonathan (a.k.a. Newgrad23) is a recent college graduate with a passion for helping Millennials take charge of their career and finances from Day 1 after college. He enjoys blogging and listening to personal finance podcasts. When he's not doing that, you can catch him at local sporting events, music festivals, and near the best food trucks the city has to offer.