Entrepreneur Tim Ferris wrote a book called 4 Hour Work Week. This book inspired millions to see their careers differently, search for ways to start their own businesses, and escape the monotony of doing work that they did not love. In this book, Tim describes how at dinner parties he has a hard time answering the popular question “What do you do?”. This is because he has found ways to separate “What he does” from how he creates income. He creates income by running his businesses, but on any given day he could be DOING a number of activities that have nothing to do with creating income. Now, you may not be a multi-millionaire business owner yet, but you too can separate “What you do” from the means you use to create an income. We aren’t all going to land our dream job right out of college, and everyday is not going to be a walk in the park. But it is imperative that we learn to find happiness each day regardless of how we feel about our jobs. Here’s how:

1. Find Something You Love ABOUT Your JobIMG_0081.PNG

Hey, you do not have to be in love with the WHOLE job. Just find a part that you particularly enjoy and get as much joy out of that as possible.

When I was in college, I worked as a residence hall desk assistant. I basically sat at the front desk of the dorms for hours and hours in case a resident had a question, locked themselves out of their room, or wanted to borrow the board games we kept behind the desk.

Sounds exciting right!?

Although those shifts could be mind-numbingly boring, I found that I really enjoyed training new employees. Whenever we would have a new hire, they would sit and work with an existing employee for a few shifts to get the hang of things. I really had a good time getting to know my new coworkers and showing them how to handle all the responsibilities of the job.

What parts of your job do you particularly enjoy? What events or activities do you look forward to each week? If you can’t think of any right now, that’s okay. Just be on the lookout in the future for work those parts of your job that bring you joy.

2. Use Your Unique Talents to Make a Contribution to the Team

Do you have unique interests or skills that could enhance your team’s effectiveness at work? Maybe you can find a way to integrate those into your work.

Are you good at recognizing improvements that can be made to processes? Do you have a knack for numbers? Is it easy for you to organize events and meetings?

Part of loving what you do is finding ways to do things you love while at work.

I enjoy writing. So, recently I began publishing the quarterly newsletter for my department. Another coworker is really artistic, so he creates all of our powerpoints. I also have a friend who is really good at designing websites, so he was able to lead a project to develop a training website for his team to use at work.

It’s all about volunteering for assignments that you know you can be successful at. If you aren’t able to automatically see how your unique talents could be used in your work, sit down for a one-on-one with your boss and have a conversation about it.

3. Get Along with Your Coworkers

Have you ever gone on a long road trip with friends? Why are those trips so much fun? It’s not because of the long hours spent sitting in a car, eating potato chips, and listening to talk radio.

The fun part about road trips is the fact that you’re spending time with your friends.

The same principle holds true in the workplace. ┬áIf you can make friends with your coworkers, you’ll be able to have a good time even when things aren’t going so great.

Being friends with coworkers makes the atmosphere of work more friendly, festive, and creative. You’ll feel more comfortable sharing your ideas and hearing ideas from others.

When projects require long hours in the office, you’ll be able to count on a good laugh or two to help break the monotony.

We won’t all be able to LOVE our coworkers, but make an effort to find some common ground. There’s usually one person in the office you can click with. Make an effort to find that person. It will be well worth it.


For most of us, our passion is not our full-time job. But hopefully you picked up a few tidbits in this article to help you find a bit of passion in your everyday work, regardless of what your job title is right now.

Have you found ways to love what you do even though your job isn’t your passion right now? We’d love to hear about it. Share your story in the comments below. And if you found this article helpful, share it with a friend or loved one who you feel could also benefit!

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Jonathan (a.k.a. Newgrad23) is a recent college graduate with a passion for helping Millennials take charge of their career and finances from Day 1 after college. He enjoys blogging and listening to personal finance podcasts. When he's not doing that, you can catch him at local sporting events, music festivals, and near the best food trucks the city has to offer.