Becoming a More Valuable Employee

New to the job? Are you looking for ways to be a more valuable team member? Do you want to “get noticed” for the right reasons? Below are a few ideas to get you started. As New Grads, we often lack the many years of experience that our coworkers have. While you may be relatively inexperienced, with a little drive and determination, you can still be an instrumental member of your team. Take a look at these quick tips:

Be a Self Starter

From Day 1, build a reputation as a self-starter. Definitely be attentive to direction and open to advice, but also keep your eyes open for other things you can do to add value to your team. Finish your projects ahead of schedule and immediately begin working on the next without being told. Independently do research on common office problems (efficiency, expenses, productivity, time-savers) and come up with solutions that you can pitch to your boss. Instead of waiting for performance evaluations, go to your boss and elicit constructive feedback from time to time. By actively seeking constructive criticism, you will show that you are taking interest in your professional development and that you are eager to be a better team member. A self-starter is very valuable to any team. Self starters are independent, and they require little supervision. Your employer will be happy to have you around.


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